(Each Class Meets At 9:30 AM Each Sunday)

Christophers (Senior Adults) Room 46
Seekers (Middle Senior Adults) Room 31
Pilgrims (Middle Adult) Room A3
Disciples Life (Middle Adult) Room A4
Crossroads (Intergenerational) Room 32
Scripture Talk (Intergenerational) Room 30
New Creation (Intergenerational) Room 28


(Meets Each Wednesday Night September to May)

6:30 to 7:30 PM There are always a variety of classes, Bible study, hobbies, continuing education, etc. offered. There is always one class taught by Dr. McConnell on the Bible (verse by verse, chapter by chapter study).

7:30 to 8:30 PM The Chancel Choir practices in the Choir Room (Room 37).

Tri-C’s is an active group within the life of Hillside Christian Church. Tri-C’s is for people who are retired. This group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Noon in the Fellowship Hall. This gathering includes a meal and a special program for senior adults. Many come early just to play board games, talk and have a good time.


Group Ministries. Small groups of 8-10 persons meet once a month for fun, fellowship, and food. Study and location are determined by each group. If you would like to participate in a small group, please go to the announcement page and fill out your contact information. When there are enough folks signed up for a new group you will be contacted with your group information.


Live Ventures is sponsored by our open-minded church in Wichita. People who are 55 and older may attend a continuing education event held at East Heights United Methodist Church. These classes are interdenominational and well worth the time.


The Men of Hillside (Disciples Men) gather at 9:00 am once a month on the second Saturday at Hillside Christian Church in the Fellowship Hall, for food, fellowship, and encouragement. These meetings serve as a break from their daily work and help develop strong Christian friends. The Men also participate in fundraisers, special projects, and many social events throughout the year. Visit our Wichita church’s men’s group for fellowship and accountability!


Disciples Women is a group for all women. The Disciples Women meet for a luncheon on the second Wednesday (September through June) of each month at Noon. This meeting, which is open for all women, meets in the Fellowship Hall. During this time the women have a program on some Christian concern or some special topic of interest to women — come visit our women’s church group in Wichita soon!

Disciples Women also meet monthly in small cell groups called “Circles.” Hillside has three Circles that meet at different times and places. These Circles will have Bible studies, fellowship, and study about the missionaries that the church supports.