Assistant Custodian
Fund Raising
Youth Sunday
Cradle Roll Nursery
Nursery Job Description
Director Of Childrens Choral Music
Sexual Harassment Policy
Christian Hillside Church Benevolence
Kansas Law Summary
Section Leaders Job Description
Suspected Child Abuse Policy
Audio Technicians
Implementation Policy
Description of Nursery Attendant
Church Organist
Church Pianist
Description for the Wedding Hostess
Inclimate Weather Closing Policy
Trustees Transctions
Auxiliary Groups Banking Policy
Personnel Policies
Associate Minister For Faith
Conflict of Interest Policy
Senior Minister
Guidelines for Use of Chancel Area
Budgetory Policy
Associate Minister for Congregational Development
Reservations and set-up for Church Activities
Living Memorial Policy
Copyright Policy and Law
Christian Wedding
Authorization for expenditure AFE policy
Office Administrator
Policies and regulations Governing Youth Events
Scheduled Maintanence
Budget Expenses
Administrative Assistant Info.
Director of Music Info.
Youth Executive Committee
Church Office and Trustee Transactions
Policies and Procedures for use of Church Vehicles
Church Vehicle Use Info.
Youth Mission Trips