When people are facing life-changing events and continuing unsettling circumstances in their lives due to death, divorce, employment changes, substance abuse, the birth of a baby, and a myriad of other happenings, there is usually a desire for help and emotional support. Hillside stands ready to steer people with special needs to a group that can give them spiritual and emotional support to deal with a particular life situation.

Get Spiritual Support In Wichita

If you need to connect with a group that will understand your particular situation, call our Wichita church office 316-683-6577. If there is not a group currently meeting at Hillside that will fill your need, we will help you get in contact with a Wichita support group that will.

AL-ANON Information

Support groups currently meeting at Hillside include:

1:30 PM
(Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

La Leche League of Wichita
7:00 PM
Room A1
(Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month)